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The Toronto Bills?
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How much longer do we have?

This is going to be a fun little website in which you will be able to guess on which day the Buffalo Bills with be the Toronto Bills. How will we know that? Well, you'll be guessing which day that the owner of the Bills, Ralph Wilson, will pass away from natural causes. If you pick that day, it is a winner take all pool. So buy a day, any day, over the next 10 years (all the way through 2018). It's $1 a day, payable through paypal.


People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide

DISCLAIMER: This website does not ever, under any circumstance, condon the death of people by unnatural causes. This website is intended soley for fun, and is in no way, shape of form wishing any harm upon Ralph Wilson, owner of the Bills, or anyone else associated with the Buffalo Bills.